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6 February, 2015



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Flapjack Flinger is a free to play mobile arcade game based on the classic bartending game, Tapper. In Flapjack Flinger players spend their days serving pancakes to hungry bears, using one of four amazing pancake powers to keep the crowds at bay. Earn tips from your customers and hire one of 10 playable characters to work the line and serve your customers as quickly as possible to stay in business. Flapjack Flinger is the first title from Fun Ghosts Haunted Fun Factory and is available now on the Google Play store.


The prototype for Flapjack Flinger was built during an extended brunch and several mimosas at Engine Co. No. 28 at the Los Angeles Airport (LAX). Company CEO Christopher Maire was en route to Vancouver, CA and needed a unique gift to bring to a holiday party. Having recently acquired an AOL Online trial floppy disk, he decided that a fantastic gift would be to put a small game on the floppy, gift the disk along with a floppy drive, and delete all other copies of the game in existence. Unable to find a floppy drive (or get a Unity game to compile to less than 1.4mb), Christopher continued to develop the game over the course of his trip, and instead gifted a Darth Vader lunchbox with a nip of whiskey and a bandage inside it. Roughly a month of furious development later, Flapjack Flinger was born.


  • High speed arcade fun based on the 80s classic Tapper!
  • Learn the ins and outs of running a small business!
  • Four pancake-powered special abilities.
  • Over ELEVEN beautifully drawn playable characters!
  • Full day/night cycles and procedural cloud generation!


There are currently no trailers available for Flapjack Flinger. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!




Development Log
Christphers development blog can be read at http://fun-ghost.tumblr.com .

About Fun Ghost's Haunted Fun Factory

Fun Ghost's Haunted Fun Factory LLC is a collaboration between Christopher Maire and everyone's favorite undead entertainer, Fun Ghost. Fun Ghost's Haunted Fun Factory is currently developing several small titles intended for consumption by humans and ghosts alike. Our goal is to build increasingly larger projects, starting with a small mobile arcade titles and working up to developing photorealistic virtual reality life simulations for next-next-next generation consoles.

More information
More information on Fun Ghost's Haunted Fun Factory, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Flapjack Flinger Credits

Chris Maire
CEO, Director of Engineering, Paranormal Investigations Team Leader

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